Our Terms

Our Responsibilities
  • We will strive to create and improve the best and fairest business environment.
  • We are not mediators of business disputes, but our goal is to improve interactions between companies.
Your Responsibilities
  • Your business should only register truthful information and actions on Shaykn.
  • Secondly, you agree to act in good faith when interacting with other businesses on the platform.
  • Finally, you will not use Shaykn and especially the Handshake system to spam other companies.
We need certain permissions to provide our services
  • When you share information and images about your business you grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free and worldwide license to copy, publicly display, use, modify, translate and create derivatives of your content to provide our service.
Permissions that you grant us
  • You grant us permission to maintain, store information about your business entity that you share with Shaykn.
  • While respecting the anonymity of your providers and clients if so desired, you grant us the permission to store and display information regarding your business and the actions it takes on Shaykn particularly pertaining to ratings. This may also relate to improving the experience on the Shaykn platform when matching buyers and sellers, or providing information to people interested in becoming Shaykn connections.
  • We will display the industry of your trading partners even when a Handshake has been marked as confidential. This is to provide value to both your business and others looking to work with you
Your Commitments to us
  • We retain all rights to the content covered by intellectual property rights including any source code.
Suspension of Accounts
  • We reserve the right to suspend and terminate Shaykn accounts fully or partially if you create false Handshakes, Endrosements, spam other businesses, or behave in a manner that is deemed damaging to the integrity of the platform.
  • Shaykn has been designed to bring transparency to the domain of business, however you accept responsibility of how that may change your business' outcomes; whether it be positive or negative. This is especially but not only related to the actions taken by your business (or users on behalf of businesses) towards clients and providers both on and off the platform, that may effect your online reputation. In short, businesses take responsibility for their own Shaykn relationships, actions and how that may impact their respective business. We will do our best to create and improve the best and fairest business environment, however users accept that Shaykn cannot be held responsible for; any content presented or; any error or misrepresentation of your firm or another firm's data.