Why Good Companies Don't Cut Through The Noise - How Endorsements Can Change That

Louis Burdon
Louis Burdon,SHAYKN
Dec 22, 2021

Why Good Companies Don't Cut Through The Noise - How Endorsements Can Change That

What is an Endorsement?

An endorsement is a positive reference that one business gives to another. A sort of thumbs up to the quality of a firm. Although it's not routine, it is normal practice to ask, or be asked for, a client reference in the form of an endorsement. In some technical or scientific industries, an endorsement, or proof of success is required to win a contract and are commonplace. But it's probably the most useful, yet underutilised way of sorting the good businesses from the mediocre.

Shaykn has introduced Endorsements

If you're a business with good past relationships, you now have an opportunity to capitalise on your great work and move ahead of the curve. You can now prove that you're the real deal online; by being endorsed by your clients and suppliers. It is important to remember that small businesses are naturally cautious when dealing with firms for the first time. For this reason, business reviews are growing in popularity.

The growing problem on the internet is that reviews are often fabricated and therefore genuine reviews don’t get the recognition they deserve. Moreover, you can be lured into a false sense of security by a seemingly credible online presence.

With reviews, the burning question should always be; who is John Smith? Or who says so? With only verified businesses on Shaykn, we have a powerful answer...genuine verified companies say so.

How valuable are Endorsements?

Endorsements are extremely valuable, particularly for small businesses. In the SME world, your brand means very little. Unless you're a Ferrari, Coca-cola or Apple, it’s unlikely that your firm’s name will be recognised. So, often the only thing businesses can judge you on, is your website and what other people say about you. Testimonials are great to include on your website, but any company can fabricate a few words on a web page and businesses know that. The result is that it's hard for small firms to trust one another when first making contact via the internet. This is where Shaykn provides real value - and sets itself apart.

Shaykn only allows genuine businesses to operate on the platform and currently firms need to be an incorporated business entity. On sign up, we check that companies on Shaykn are in fact the owners of the business and are not impersonating the firm. From then on, companies can openly connect with others they've worked with, and build their reputation via endorsements from their suppliers or clients. This is why endorsements on Shaykn are powerful. They are badges of honour awarded to companies by companies and can be seen by anyone - on or off the platform.

Start showing powerful B2B endorsements by connecting with your clients and providers on Shaykn.

Why are Endorsements by verified companies necessary?

As our reliance on the internet grows, more and more B2B relationships will begin online - where grand claims are frequent and widespread. We think it's time for firms to start proving their excellence – and for endorsements to take a front row seat. The internet is full of unsubstantiated claims made by businesses, due to its largely anonymous nature. It’s time for businesses to take a step forward and demonstrate their track record in a more credible manner.

Good firms are more than happy to provide examples of their previous successes. The key is to make that process easy, secure and frictionless. We think Shaykn endorsements are the answer. They provide an opportunity to benefit from the good work and relationships you have with other businesses. Yet, they are quick and easy to give. This was originally the purpose behind website testimonials. However, testimonials are too easily corrupted and falsified, which is similarly the case with other online review platforms.

"I don't have any Endorsements, how do I get my first client?"

So you're uninitiated, and your business has yet to prove itself. You won’t have any endorsements to show potential customers. At Shaykn we don't believe a lack of experience is an issue, as long as that lack of experience has been made clear. Furthermore, being forthcoming and upfront about your lack of a track record is sincere. Being approached by a business that openly admits their inexperience, inspires trust - the most important currency in B2B. CEOs will certainly remember when they first started out, and as long as you demonstrate competence in your field, they are normally willing to give things a go.

You may have to charge much less for your services, or initially work for free until you get results. But importantly, if you do a good job, your endorsements will stay with you. As you build your reputation, you will be able to charge more for your services.

How do B2B Endorsements work on Shaykn?

On Shaykn, company endorsements can work both ways. You can endorse and be endorsed, not only as a provider of services, but also as a client. So, if your company pays its suppliers on time and is great to work with, you can showcase that on our platform. Being rewarded for being a great client is unique to Shaykn. Other B2B reviews don’t give businesses the opportunity to generate a great reputation as a buyer. We understand that B2B relationships are symbiotic and Shaykn endorsements are representative of that.