Tough to get clients to review your business? We’ll do it for you - for free

Louis Burdon
Louis Burdon,SHAYKN
Nov 24, 2021

Tough to get clients to review your business? We’ll do it for you - for free

There is a window of opportunity in B2B reviews. 9 out of 10 B2B buyers say they are more likely to purchase a product after reading a positive review. The widespread use of reviews in the B2C market is old news and will very likely drive higher adoption of customer reviews for B2B companies. However, as recent as 2018, only 1 in 5 B2B companies was considering actively working with online reviews. Still, we see very few B2B companies which systematically ask their clients for testimonials.   

Could it be that businesses refrain from using review sites because of the cost? Some platforms do charge businesses to get reviewed, but the most well-known, Google reviews, is free. So, if almost all purchasers want to see online testimonials before contacting a business and you can do it for free, why do so few B2B companies take advantage of reviews in their online strategy? 

3 reasons why B2B companies aren't using reviews

  1. Online reviews are massively underrated by B2B companies
  2. It's awkward to ask for reviews
  3. There's nothing in it for the other business

Reason number 1 - Online reviews are massively underrated by B2B companies.

Many companies don't think testimonials matter in a B2B context and that clients don't research companies' online reputation. This idea is especially prominent in more traditional, "offline" industries like construction, engineering or accounting. What they forget is that decision-makers are people, and people check reviews all the time when it comes to making consumer purchase decisions. Whether it be on Amazon or to grab lunch, people rely on reviews. That this behaviour magically would disappear when it comes to "business decisions", is not very likely. So if you think that online reviews don't matter in your industry, ask yourself: if you were looking for a service, would you rather contact a service provider in [insert industry] with 30 real company endorsements or one with no online reputation to help you?

Reason number 2 - It's awkward to ask for reviews.

Let's face it, asking for favours from clients can be awkward. But you know that usually, they don't mind, so you ask anyways. The really awkward part comes when they don't get around to doing it and you have to remind them. So they say oh yes sorry, I'll do it later this week. Unfortunately, just when they were going to post your well-earned appraisal for everyone to admire, something blows up in their own company which they have to attend to, only to never think about that review ever again. 

Reason number 3 - There's nothing in it for the other business.

Even if you do ask, getting reviewed is like pulling teeth. Anyone who's tried knows that it's very difficult to get clients to write reviews. Some even write the review themselves, send a link and ask their client to post it and still nothing. It's usually not because the client is not happy with your services - even satisfied clients seem to never get around to it. It's not a priority for your clients, and they don't get anything out of it.

The remedy? Start by giving

Let’s say you’re a business owner who wants to seize this opportunity of using online endorsements to get more enquiries or convert more of the ones you get. How do you go about building a credible online reputation without having to beg, nag or pull your hair out in frustration? 

You start by giving something

Remember how giving an endorsement isn’t a priority for your client? By giving them one first, you make it a priority. You’re offering something, you’re leading by saying “Dear Client, thank you for being great to work with and paying me on time”. What company would not like to be publicly endorsed by another business for being good to deal with? Not all companies are equally pleasant to deal with. Far from all clients pay on time. So by telling others about your good clients, you’re offering them something of value, which in turn will make them more inclined to help you back. 

Wait, endorse my client? How on earth do you do that? On Shaykn, you can do it with a few clicks. The company you have endorsed will be invited to join Shaykn and will collect the endorsement at signup. That’s one of the unique things about our platform. And as far as we know, no other platform allows businesses to endorse their clients (if you know of any, do let us know).

Let us do the heavy lifting

So, you’ve decided to give it a shot and you endorse your best clients. Now comes that uncomfortable wait, when you only can hope that they will return the favour. Wouldn’t it be great to not have to go through the awkward process of reminding your clients? Don’t worry, you don’t need to, we’ll do it for you. We follow up every endorsement with a call, explaining that Shaykn is a platform where they can get recommended by real businesses and that they have just received an endorsement from you. That’s it. When they sign up, they’ll automatically collect your endorsement and can endorse you back with one click. And just like that, your company has its first credible, traceable online recommendation from another business. Total cost? 0 dollars and 3 clicks. 

What's in it for us?

If it’s free, what do we get in return? Another happy Shaykn user. You see, that’s where our interests align. Your client gets an Endorsement. You get an Endorsement. And the network of good businesses expands.

Maybe you yourself want to contact certain companies you have invited? No problems, just give us a call and we’ll decide together exactly how you want to approach building your online B2B reputation.